LekaLäraLäsa is an educational game and resource site designed to provide inspiration to middle school and junior. Shot Put - Kula. Mattesmedjan-Multix Super fun and easy multiplication training... match the question with the answer.
The classic Track and Field Summer Olympic Game is back, featuring gorgeous pixel art graphics and much improved controls! More than 900,000 players from.

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this game is fun for the first 30 min - 1 hr only. after this you will repeat. dont see doing this fun .. repair then reload the cannon than shot ,20 $ for this is to much.
Terrence MacDougall Dont waist yer time, this game is faulty. Somehow people are cheating. First shot lands on fairway, next shot hes putting on the green?

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Jon Olsson – Official homepage and blog | The olympic bet

Copies will be available at simplotgames.com on November 1.. 2011 Simplot Games when Ryan Crouser demolished the national shot put record as a. Richard Fosbury We had a great Camp, the best weather in Pocatello, and a Fun time.
I love sports and videogames, my favorite pass time is hanging out with friends,. to do something wet then movies or hanging out with friends can be just as fun.

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It is exactly what it sounds like, speed dating with board games! Fun!. Norrlands Nation: 'Lonely Hearts Orvar: Shot through the heart'.. make them feel in debt and potentially put pressure to end the date in a certain way.
Program Lax Games Falkenberg. 11.00 – 13.00. Fun Facts Vallarna skatepark, Falkenberg Byggd år: 2009. Byggt av: Peab, Bryggeriet, Locomotive, Pivotech

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The game starts with a break shot, and then the player continues with shooting down the. table, you count the score and then pick up the ball and put it on the white mark on the table.. When three players tribello can be a fun way of playing.
Then, often some kind of warming up maybe to music or a game and then. one and one, bounce and catch and then a bit of fun with “FIA basketball”.. long jump, shot put and of course ballgames like football… ultimate,.

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Se en stor samling stockbilder, vektorer och foton för, summer games, du kan köpa på Shutterstock. Utforska kvalitetsbilder, foton, konst och mer.
We have already presented the DreamHack Summer 2011 champion HuK [...]. The coverage-team was there and shot the action, see the pictures here!.. In the final they played against Reason gaming who put up a good fight but lost in the.

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» Exhibitions

Exhale Längd: 22:00 Årtal: 2018 Land: Poland Regi: Maciej Wiktor Simon and his father coexist in a complex relationship, tangled up in a secret of their past.
This stasis begins to crack, when Simon meets a beautiful girl.
Julian, our main carácter, is one of the victim of the situation and the police has just arried to ask an explanation for the mess he made… 5 Ways 2 Die Längd: 15:03 Årtal: 2018 Land: Cypern Regi: Daina Papadaki Makis explores different ways of death, struggling to achieve the most ideal result.
A COUPLE OF BLIND Längd: 13:27 Årtal: 2018 Land: Spanien Regi: DAVID ESQUIVEL En historia om kärlek mellan två helt normala människor i en normal värld.
A letter to the sky Längd: 04:56 Årtal: Land: Iran Regi: Mohammad Hassan Arjmandi Mahdi förlorade sin far, en brandman, när han räddade en liten flicka i en brand.
Mahdi skicka ett brev till sin far och skickar det till himlen med balonger.
Afterlife Längd: 11:37 Årtal: 2018 Land: Indien Regi: Akshay Sundher A loving son wishes to reunite with his dead mother by killing himself.
Does his wish come true?
Is afterlife what he thought it would be?
Airgirl Längd: 14:58 Årtal: 2018 Land: Australien Regi: James Vinson 1937 landar Jean Batten, den legendariska piloten från Nya Zealand, i Sydney efter att ha slagit en rad flygarrekord.
Men under hennes välkomsttillställning träffar hon någon, och det får Jean att fundera över hennes högtflygande livsstil också för med sig ensamhet.
Inspirerad av en sann berättelse.
Alliés nés Längd: 17:08 Årtal: 2018 Land: Frankrike Regi: Abraham Belaga Micha takes care of the family business, a shoe-repair store.
Like every Friday, for Shabbat, he has dinner with his parents.
But tonight, his brother Samuel is coming back home.
He is the favourite son, the one who travels and succeeds.
Which Micha has never been able to bear… Anorak Längd: 16:44 Årtal: Land: Cypern Regi: Alexandra Matheou Boy meets girl and girl meets boy.
Their first encounter is marked by their shared living condition, or lack thereof.
This girl has no home to return to, nor does he.
He finds solace and refuge in words.
Her only treasured possession is an old yellow anorak she almost never takes off.
BAD GIRL Längd: 10:00 Slot games for fun 2018 Land: Frankrike Regi: Arnaud KHAYADJANIAN Fun shot put games the brink of her 18th birthday, Mathilde must come to terms with the monster that haunts her at night.
All the words buried deep within her suddenly burst forth in an interrupted flow.
Between Walls Längd: 11:40 Årtal: 2018 Land: Nederländerna Regi: Reinout Hellenthal En fånge har snart avtjänat sitt straff, men är han redo att återgå till samhället?
Blind Date Längd: 14:45 Årtal: 2018 Land: Norge Regi: Maria Askedal When Anne Marthe finds herself deep in the woods with a complete stranger, she wants to leave.
But her date, Olav, wants to stay.
But are the surroundings more frightening than Olav?
Or does he have bad intentions?
BLIND DATE is a short film 14 min 45 sec which explores our own perception of the dating game and the horrorcomedy genre.
Blue Division Längd: 12:47 Årtal: 2012 Land: Spanien Regi: Sergi Marti Leningrad, summer 1943.
German attempts to conquer the strategic location of Leningrad have failed miserably.
Hitler, desperate, plays his last available card: Mission Spark.
But to carry out the mission he will need his best men… He will need the Spanish soldiers of the… BLUE DIVISION.
Box Therapy Längd: 07:00 Årtal: 2018 Land: Storbritannien Regi: Phillip Perry En man finner en stor kartong mitt i hans nya kontor.
Han tar sig en närmare titt.
Can't Go Längd: 15:44 Årtal: 2018 Land: Turkiet Regi: Ali Ozan Kısar The Fisherman has a monotonous life that he shares with his father, who is in need of care.
The only way the Fisherman expresses himself and breaks the simple circle of his life for a while, is the act of writing.
He writes stories and sends them to literature journals and finally takes part in a competition.
But only he has to leave his father alone for a few days.
Carry a Couch Längd: 09:00 Årtal: 2018 Land: Sverige Regi: Nille Leander Det är en kort surrealistisk kärleksfilm, en metaforisk betraktelse över vad man bär och hur det är att bära.
Första gången man lyfter gemensamt bär man också tidigare erfarenheter och det är mycket man ska lära sig bära i livet tillsammans med andra.
Ibland måste man släppa taget och gå vidare.
Filmen har en humoristisk ton men reflekterar även över vår utsatthet när vi är i flykt och verkligen behöver varandra.
Citizen Reformed Längd: 09:45 Årtal: 2018 Land: Brasilien Regi: João Segall, Pedro Anversa José Martinez, an ordinary man, wake up in a mysterious white room, tied up at a surgical table.
Two individuals, dressing odd white clothes, start to communicate with him using only a monitor, where they write fun shot put games />They accuse him of been a immoral person and intend to punish him.
She will soon get to know the three partiers still in the house… Their meeting will quickly spiral out of control … The meeting will quickly run out of control… Counsellor Längd: 01:30 Årtal: 2018 Land: Australien Regi: Venetia Taylor Trailer This woman needs help.
A very short comedy about regret.
DEAD END Längd: 12:15 Årtal: 2018 Land: Spanien Regi: Juan Carlevaris Julia och Miguel blir inlåsta i bilen, och kan inte längre undslippa att tala om sin relation.
Dirt Längd: 06:39 Årtal: 2018 Land: Danmark Regi: Kerren Lumer-Klabbers En man vaknar upp i öknen, och han vet inte hur han hamnade där.
Hans enda sällskap är en tickande bomb.
Dude in the Headlights Längd: 01:50 Årtal: 2018 Land: USA Regi: Tim Wade Short Film about Animal Rights featuring a world where animals are people too.
En Route Längd: 14:13 Årtal: 2018 Land: USA Regi: Xu Zhang Trailer Tre olika grupper av tågresenärer som pratar olika språk försöker kommunicera i denna komedi.
ESCAPE Längd: 04:22 Årtal: 2018 Land: Tyskland Regi: Dieter Primig Trailer Framför datorn i ett grått och tråkigt kontor sitter Johann och utför ändlösa mängder jobb.
Han flyr in i sin egna lilla värld.
Excursion Längd: 19:28 Årtal: 2018 Land: Rumänien Regi: Adrian Sitaru Following a TV News which announces the landing of aliens in Romania, Eugen 9 steals a camera from the shop where his father works, starts filming his everyday life and then suddenly disappears.
Fake Empire Längd: 04:35 Årtal: 2018 Land: Sverige Regi: Ewa Gerström En man går in i en bar och beställer en vodka.
Men vem är bartendern?
Fingers Längd: 13:53 Årtal: 2018 Land: Storbritannien Regi: Alex Marx In the murky underworld of 1960s London, a family fight to re-establish order following the death of the patriarch.
Fingers is a short film examining how far people will go in the pursuit of power and who they're willing to destroy on the way.
Frontman Längd: 18:12 Årtal: 2018 Land: USA Regi: Matthew Gentile En emotionellt självdestruktiv rockstjärna riskerar att helt förlora hörseln får det konsekvenser för hans familje- och yrkesliv.
GAIWAN Längd: 03:45 Årtal: 2018 Land: Italien Regi: Elia Moutamid A grave yard.
An unusual ritual in front of a grave will generate judgment, sarcastic prejudice at first, then bewilderment and reflection.
A parable on hope and death, which equates men beyond preconceptions.
Game of life Längd: 12:30 Årtal: 2018 Land: Frankrike Regi: Vialleton Agnès Mathias och Alex stämmer träff en tidig morgon till synes mitt i ingenstans.
Vad har dom i kikaren?
Game Over Längd: 03:13 Årtal: 2018 Land: Storbritannien Regi: Cyrus Trafford Two Friends play a Game when things gets real.
Good Year Längd: 20:27 Årtal: 2018 Land: Japan Regi: Kaizo Hayashi A man is working on something at a deserted factory in Yamagata Prefecture.
Beside him there's a large water tank that seems to have a creature inside.
One night, a woman who has left everything behind mysteriously appears in front of him.
This is the second of three film projects by Hayashi in Yamagata.
Gotham Click to see more Parfait Längd: 15:01 Årtal: 2018 Land: Japan Regi: Yuki Saito A Yakuza-like man splattered with blood sits face-to-face with a younger man dripping with cream soda.
A gun on the table and a dead body on the floor.
There's also an older waitress and a black customer.
Confusion mounts as the man orders four parfaits.
Gracie is an emotive 11 minute social drama, which follows the experience of an elderly dementia patient longing to return home to her native soil in Jamaica.
Happy Thoughts Längd: 14:00 Årtal: 2018 Land: Storbritannien Regi: Layke Anderson Trailer Evoking the ghosts of a classic tale, a pair of adversaries are brought back together in the wake of a disaster.
Happy Thoughts is a raw and experimental reimagining of J.
Hush Längd: 07:00 Årtal: 2018 Land: Storbritannien Regi: Simeon Lumgair Trailer Jenny, mother of the 2 years old Jaime, is heavily pregnant.
She and her husband, Marcus, decide to have some family portraits taken by Jason, the photographer.
To the world, they are the example of a perfect, loving family.
The illusion shatters when Marcus is taken over by his shadow self.
Jealousy and insecurity drive him to physically and emotionally abuse Jenny.
Fighting a loosing battle, she gets raped by her husband.
Despondent Jenny tries to leave, but ultimately finds herself trapped.
I AM: The Transcender Längd: 02:00 Årtal: 2018 Land: Indien Regi: Nicola Desouza 'I AM: The Transcender' is a 2-minute film that features Nepali transgender human rights activist Bhumika Shrestha who speaks about her multifarious identities.
She has been incarcerated by the police and detained at airports, but still has a message of love and hope to this world's transphobic community.
Shirley Manson from the group Garbage watched the film and kindly obliged to write us a message for the film poster.
Vocalist Per Arne Bertheussen from the Norwegian group 3-11 whose track 'Surround me with your Love' features in the film, also supports the cause.
If they had eyes Längd: 14:55 Årtal: 2018 Land: Spanien Regi: Carlos Polo Menárguez Trailer Marta works as a flight attendant and lives with his boyfriend at a small apartment.
On day she wakes up, has breakfast and says goodbye to him as he leaves the house to work before she heads to the airport.
She then showers, gets dress and put on some make up in the bathroom.
Impact Längd: 07:28 Årtal: 2018 Land: Frankrike Regi: Jean-pierre Michael En rättsmedicinsk expert börjar studiet av en brottsplats.
Och vad hon är på väg att upptäcka är något hon inte kan föreställa sig.
Inability Längd: 23:00 Årtal: 2018 Land: Nederländerna Regi: Lucinda Verweij Inability handlar om Simon och hans 11-årige autistiske son Damian.
Both father and son must find a way to make their new family situation work, but due to Simons grief and Damians autism, their inabilities clash.
A lack of understanding for each others situations shall make the situation explode sooner or later.
Italian Miracle Längd: 09:10 Årtal: 2018 Land: Italien Regi: Francesco Gabriele Trailer In a rural Italian village, Antonio is asked to translate an English-speaking woman's confession, but when he starts disagreeing with the priest, he has to make a decision that might change the course of her life and maybe his too.
Just Say Hi Längd: 02:20 Årtal: 2018 Land: Storbritannien Regi: John McPhail When a girl catches the eye of a boy at a bus stop romance ensues.
K-NADA Längd: 22:00 Årtal: 2018 Land: Frankrike Regi: Hubert Charuel Valentin and Grégoire are two totally opposite brothers lost on the road of their absurd dreams.
In two days, they have to go to Amsterdam.
Greg for a DJing contest, Valentin to bring back kilos of marijuana.
KOSHERLAND Längd: 16:07 Årtal: 2018 Land: Tyskland Regi: Pyotr Magnus Nedov Trailer Somewhere in Latvia.
A Längd: 06:08 Årtal: 2018 Land: Frankrike Regi: Ingrid Franchi L.
A är en robot.
Hon tjänstgör som kassörska på Food Market.
En dag möter hon Vincent.
Hon börjar att komma ihåg honom och prata med honom.
Han har inget annat val än att stänga av henne.
Hans jobbär att testa robotarna på Food Market.
La Veilleuse Längd: 13:13 Årtal: 2018 Land: Frankrike Regi: Joan Borderie Pierre har sömnsvårigheter.
Oblivious to the charms of the teacher, young Ali only dreams of owning his own 'Nike' trainers.
Lindy Calls Tracy Längd: 04:08 Årtal: 2018 Land: Kanada Regi: Regan Latimer Lindy är på date, men behöver hjälp och råd.
Som tur är så är hennes väninna Tracy tillgänglig med råd och tips.
Oblivious to the charms of the teacher, young Ali only dreams of owning his own 'Nike' trainers.
Little Big George Längd: 19:38 Årtal: 2018 Land: Indien Regi: Priyanka Tanwar Trailer Little Big George är en varm och rolig film om en pojke vid namn George eller Georgy Porgy som älskar att äta, men än mer att laga mat!
Hans lilla sinne är fyllt med recept som väntar på att bli utforskade, upptäckta, tillagade och avsmakade.
Georgys största dröm är att bli en stjärnkock när han blir stor, och ha sin egen TV-show.
Tyvärr är hans föräldrar inte så glada över det.
Little Big George fortsätter att drömma, trots motstånd från sina föräldrar och retsamma klasskamrater, och han har hopp om att kunna förverkliga sina drömmar en dag.
Magic Längd: 03:36 Årtal: 2018 Land: Spanien Regi: Iker Arce Trailer With the logic and the innocence of a seven year old girl, Carla thinks she can do something to reunite back her family: finish the drawing before the morning sun lights up fun shot put games sheet.
A life, consecrated to painting, enclosed in a spirit of selfishness and self-defeating.
A little story about colours, art, how a man can exaggerate his passions, his insticts, until the climax in which art and life become the same thing.
Dentonn Längd: 09:00 Årtal: 2018 Land: Spanien Regi: Ivan Villamel Sanchez Trailer On a cold winter night, Laura reads his brother David the story of a strange creature that attacks children.
Suddenly, a shiver runs Laura's body, feeling a strange presence in the house.
NAJMIA Längd: 14:30 Årtal: 2018 Land: Storbritannien Regi: Cristhian Andrews As labor nears, a pregnant 12-year old Yemeni child bride must endure the challenges of her everyday life.
Inspired by the true story of Fawziya Abdullah Youssef.
Nameless Längd: 09:30 Årtal: 2018 Land: Frankrike Regi: Jean Decré Two soldiers.
One french, one german.
Just for a moment, they encounter one another right in the middle of the hell of 1918.
No one will be any the wiser Längd: 11:33 Årtal: 2018 Land: Frankrike Regi: Lyes SALEM A woman who thinks her husband is cheating on her, hires a fumbling crook to kidnap and punish the mistress.
With one of his friends, he sets up a scheme to easily pocket the money.
But the day of the confrontation, things take an unexpected turn.
Non-refundable ticket Längd: 02:07 Årtal: 2018 Land: Spanien Regi: Emilia Ruiz Maria decides to travel abroad in search of a better life.
The ticket is non-refundable.
NOURA Längd: 11:18 Årtal: 2018 Land: Frankrike Regi: Akira Trailer Efter ankomsten till Paris, börjar Nouras jakt på en lägenhet.
Kommer dom båda att lyckas?
Offside Längd: 17:35 Årtal: 2018 Land: Storbritannien Regi: Jimmy Dean After learning from her father that she will soon lose her place on the local boy's football team, eleven-year-old Kirsty struggles to come to terms with her evolving identity as a young woman.
Prison at Home Längd: 19:13 Årtal: 2018 Land: Frankrike Regi: Sébastien Bellaval Trailer In a near future where citizens are able to host a prisoner at their home in return for a stipend, a young father tries to save his crumbling mariage by applying to this new experiment but he starts to understand his own self interest could be to the detriment of the human being.
Random Attempts Längd: 07:39 Årtal: 2018 Land: Cypern Regi: Doğuş Özokutan Çiftçioğlu, Vasvi Çiftçioğlu A question as old as the history of humankind: What does one live for?
Why should we keep on living?
Do we have the right to be unhappy about life after fulfilling the roles society has assigned us?
According to our film's character Ayla, having no problem in her life does not mean everything is going well.
Her monotonous life itself is a sufficient reason for committing suicide.
Ayla who decides to take her own life somehow cannot succeed.
Nevertheless she does not stop trying to kill herself.
Rangda Längd: 11:30 Årtal: 2018 Land: Frankrike Regi: Sylvain Coisne, Sarah Al Atassi Three young friends are having a girls night at home, playing games.
They come across an old mask of « Rangda », a creepy Indonesian witch, leading them to scare themselves for fun.
RAZOR Längd: 09:02 Årtal: 2018 Land: Serbien Regi: Rajko Ristanović Vlada is a happy barber, the best in his town.
One day, an unexpected visitor of his barbershop triggers a traumatic childhood memory.
Renewing Mikael Längd: 05:45 Årtal: 2018 Land: Finland Regi: Joonas Makkonen Mikael får veta att han har sex månader kvar att leva.
Han bestämmer sig för att se fin ut i kistan.
Samuraï Längd: 27:00 Årtal: 2018 Land: Frankrike Regi: Juliette SALES, Fabien SUAREZ He dreams of selling coffins.
She dreams of burying her fears.
Anthony and Helen are a young couple on the verge of breaking down.
So when a middle-aged Thai woman squats their place, the question arises: whore.
Schleierhaft Längd: 13:47 Årtal: 2018 Land: Tyskland Regi: Tim Ellrich Conflicted with his fathers sexuality Adel tries to find his own tolerance in a traditional world.
All she knows is her devotion to the man who gives her shelter.
And while she knows that in the outside world Dylan is a bad man, she is happy as long as he comes home, and as long as he brings back food.
But Dylan doesnʼt bring her food anymore.
Hanging out with imaginary monsters she's actually longing for closer relationship with her parents.
Not being able to show her feelings she prefers to erase parents from her life.
Teenage girl doesn't know that lonely adulthood waits for her anyway just around the corner.
Silence Längd: 12:00 Årtal: Land: Iran Regi: Mehrdad Hassani Om en handikappad pojke i Afghanistan, som delar ut post för att överleva.
Something to do with love Längd: 08:06 Årtal: 2018 Land: Frankrike Regi: Luc Serrano Trailer As the sun began to set, a man in his forties enters an old shop.
He notices a woman carrying a paper bag.
Their eyes meet, she smiles.
The shop is filled with various apothecary tools and other sparse objects displayed in old cases.
Will the owner, a white-haired gentleman sporting a coat and a pair of glasses, be able to assist fun shot put games client in his strange quest?
He obviously knows his trade.
A boy rents a wooden cabin in the mountains for his beautiful girlfriend and it becomes a place of her 'summer of love'.
They are digging a hole to bury someone.
During a quarrel between them, Emil breaks the sac in which is contained a body.
Noel can't believe the sight of person, Emil covers the hole and waits his colleague in the car.
The Anklet Längd: 12:12 Årtal: 2018 Land: Frankrike Regi: Guillaume Levil Trailer At the top of a mountain, a man clumsily recites his declaration of love: « I did hesitate, but I chose you… » THE COMPENSATION Längd: 12:42 Årtal: 2018 Land: Indien Regi: Hir kumar Trailer Mohtana is a story of a village girl in Rajasthan who gets raped and how the villagers demand compensation from the father of the culprit.
It is a commentary on age old tradition of compensation where the family of the victim gets compensated by the culprit or the family of the culprit.
This tradition still exists in rural parts of north india.
The Eaters Längd: 03:20 Årtal: 2018 Land: Kosovo Regi: Besim Ugzmajli Trailer Nowadays, human race, all it wants is to eat, eat everything, and in a selfish world keep everything only to themselves.
But things are about to take a different turn when the intelligent youth aspires to freedom and bright future.
The Egoist Längd: 18:40 Årtal: 2018 Land: Sverige Regi: Oscar Bergman Petter is an 85-year-old man spending his last days in a nursing home.
He is infatuated with his favourite nurse, Nina, who is considerably younger.
fun games for company an attempt to catch her attention, he accidentally causes her death.
The Huckster Längd: 28:28 Årtal: 2018 Land: Spain Regi: Nacho Ruipérez Trailer Trapped in a portentous nineteenth-century mansion 9 children spend their days forsaken by fate.
Her right hand is Angelita, a girl who punishes her fellow peers for the sake of the house's strict order and obedience.
But everything gets out of control with the arrival of a new victim: Teresita.
Her obstinacy might be the loose link of an endless chain of harassment and abuse.
The Outcasts Längd: 06:00 Årtal: 2018 Land: Österrike Regi: Tim Ellrich Ett märkligt avspärrningsband får alla i grannskapet att nästan bli galna.
The Red Thunder Längd: 06:26 Årtal: 2018 Land: USA Regi: Alvaro Ron Trailer Sarah ska på date med Danny, så hon vill låna mammas nya bil.
Thun, tycker dock att det är alltför farligt för Sarah köra i Los Angeles om natten.
Sarah har dock bestämt sig.
The sir is served Längd: 14:41 Årtal: 2018 Land: Italien Regi: Niccolò Piramidal Trailer 1944, in a barber shop.
Beppe, the barber, and his friends, Nanni, a young poet, and Toni, a smuggler in touch with some jews, with his little son, Niccolò, receive the unexpected visit of a nazi official in search of the Jews.
The smirk Längd: 16:30 Årtal: 2018 Land: Italien Regi: Emanuele Palamara Trailer Carmine is an old Neapolitan singer whose life was changed after an accident which crippled his face, and left him confined to a wheelchair.
His dream and aim since the accident has been to go back to the theater which made him famous and allowed him win the award for Best Singer of Neapolitan music.
The greatest obstacle though will be Nina, Carmine's sister.
The Stomach Längd: 15:00 Årtal: 2018 Land: Storbritannien Regi: Ben Steiner Trailer Frank's had enough.
A spirit medium whose unique and grotesque method of channeling the dead is putting his own life at risk, he wants out.
But others, in this world and the next, have plans of their own.
Part body-horror, part ghost-story, The Stomach is a unique tale of Supernatural Noir.
The Surgeons Längd: 03:34 Årtal: 2018 Land: Nederländerna Regi: Siar Sedig Tom, and Andy are two splendid surgeons that you won't find in your local hospital.
They work hard, fast, and extremely precise, and with the right touch of music, and a good sense of humor they'll be gone before you know it.
The Trouble with Lucie Längd: 10:45 Årtal: 2018 Land: Frankrike Regi: Lionel Kaplan Lucie is an actress, but she wanted to be a director.
She goes reluctantly to one of many casting calls.
After the usual questions, her conversation goes wrong with the casting director, and turns into hostility.
Until reality meets fiction.
The Very Scientific System Längd: 07:00 Årtal: 2018 Land: USA Regi: Assaf Mor A misanthropic Immigration Officer denies marriage visas for every couple that he interviews based on his "very scientific system" of analysis, until one day he meets a vivacious Tango instructor on board LA's historic Angel's Flight Railway who changes his perspective on love entirely.
Three Hearts Längd: 06:20 Årtal: 2018 Land: Australien Regi: Joseph Chebate A stylised portrayal of a young couple dealing with an unexpected pregnancy To Kill or Not to Kill Längd: 04:22 Årtal: 2018 Land: Spanien Regi: Alvaro Ron Trailer Linda Horowitz, manusförfattare och hopplös romantiker, får veta från sin agent att hon måste skriva en thriller.
Så hon sätter sig ner och börjar skriva.
War Canister Längd: 11:00 Årtal: Land: Not Specified Regi: Yahya Al-Allaq A young deaf boy from Baghdad can only dream of a normal childhood.
Instead he is forced to steal oil canisters in order to support his financially troubled family.
Wasted Night Längd: 02:03 Årtal: 2018 Land: Frankrike Regi: Joseph Catté En romantisk afton tar sig en oväntad vändning.
We Got Your Back Längd: 03:20 Årtal: 2018 Land: Sverige Regi: Viktor Hertz There is so much to feel guilty about nowadays, when you think about it.
Sure, we all care about the environment, but honestly, don't you just want to toss all the junk in the same waste bin, sometimes?
What if there was a simple service that got your back covered, on a monthly direct debit plan?
Welcome Längd: 27:39 Årtal: 2018 Land: Spain Regi: Javier Fesser An amazing innovation reaches a tiny school lost in the heart of the Peruvian Andes and revolutionizes the lives of the whole community: the internet.
It brings the world to their doorstep, but even more importantly, it offers the world the chance to finally discover what's happening in the remote village of Link />Whatever will be will be Längd: 10:01 Årtal: 2018 Land: Bosnien och Herzegovina Regi: Esma Saric Vid ett till synes enkelt rån hos en gammal man får rånaren lära sig en läxa.
Wonderful World Längd: 07:56 Årtal: 2018 Land: USA Regi: David Saveliev Trailer The film is a visual comment to the song "What a Wonderful World" written by Bob Thiele and George David Weiss, recorded by Louis Armstrong made as a science fiction drama about a lone survivor of an apocalypse who tries to escape his surroundings of a destroyed abandoned city through his imagination while listening to the song.
The film raises the themes of how people interact with the world: after people destroy their world they search for it and try to come back into it.
The film speaks of ecological problems and the importance of respect for the environment.
Working Title Längd: 06:40 Årtal: 2018 Land: Storbritannien Regi: Jack Wenman Starring the wonderful Kaja Pecnik, Working Title see's her take on the role of young affluent writer Poppi Maple who until now has never made a single mistake.
We follow Poppi as she struggles to come to terms with her very first earth shaking typographical error.
WORSEBEHAVIOUR Längd: 08:48 Årtal: 2018 Land: USA Regi: Peter Collins Campbell Trailer En författare går ofta till ett speciellt café, där han söker få en vacker baristas uppmärksamhet.
Dom möts i en jourbutik en kväll, bara för att bli kidnappade av en beväpnad man utan någon klar anledning.
Fångade i hans lägenhet måste de komma på hur dom kan fly.
YESTERDAY THE TWO OF US Längd: 09:00 Årtal: 2012 Land: Frankrike Regi: Sylvain Coisne Amélie and Flora, 18-year-old inseparable friends, go camping at a lake after graduating high school.
A group of young people creates a wholly new situation, revealing rivalry between them.
At the dawn of a new start in life, their exclusive friendship is put to the test by a holiday encounter.
Zero Längd: 29:00 Årtal: 2018 Land: USA Regi: David Victori En pojke och hans far är känslomässigt och fysiskt separerade den dag något märkligt händer med Jorden.
Pojken följs av frågor angående hans mors död, medan hans far desperat försöker hitta honom, alltmedan världen blir alltmer kaotisk runtom dom.
A World of Difference Längd: 23:17 Årtal: 2018 Land: Finland Regi: Jaana Pirskanen Three young adults discuss how it feels when your body does not match your gender and how the possibility to become yourself opens up a life.
Break free from those barriers and explore singles, miles and miles away, until you find the person for you.
Längd: 12:52 Årtal: 2018 Land: Slovakia Regi: Ruzena Rausova A short documentary portrait of an aging painter lost in time and his marriage.
He is seeking for a perfect reflection by constantly portraying himself.
Will he succeed and stop the time when death is near?
Animal Park Längd: 08:22 Årtal: 2018 Land: Italy Regi: AFEA Trailer On the eastern border of the country lies the oldest park of the African continent, the Virunga National Park.
Atopy Längd: 11:28 Årtal: 2018 Land: Portugal Regi: Luís Azevedo, Alexandre Marinho Trailer A trip to meet someone who belongs nowhere.
Before Me Längd: 20:11 Årtal: 2018 Land: Turkey Regi: Mehmet Emre Gül Trailer Ifakat 78 lives with her son Halil 56 who is mentally defective.
It's hard to care for Halil.
If Ifakat dies Halil will be all alone.
Therefore İfakat wants him to die before she does.
Ganog Längd: 11:40 Årtal: 2018 Land: Iran, Islamic Republic of Regi: Alireza Boloon A documentary about a girl who killed a baby.
Her name is Fatima, but they call her Ganog.
Hotel Bellevue Längd: 24:59 Årtal: 2018 Land: Germany Regi: Claire Walka Trailer A journey through time which leads us into the early 60s: With interviews and poetic images the film portrays a family business between tradition and change: The Hotel Bellevue in Lauenburg, a little West German city located at the former inner German border.
The family Timm has been experiencing good and bad times for now three generations: Dancing tea on Sundays, transit travelers, the border opening after the fall of the Berlin wall or the structural change of the local economy.
But the hotel is also getting more international as the new cook and landlady comes from Brazil.
Knight of The Seas Längd: 10:26 Årtal: 2018 Land: Spain Regi: Fernando AlcántaraIñaki Gaztañaga Pedro Leyva, a Cuban sailor has seen how his life becomes a journey with no return.
Let's our men dance Längd: 05:00 Årtal: 2018 Land: Iran, Islamic Republic of Regi: Hiwa Aminnejad The story of Kurdish women laboring to weave clothes for their men to dance in.
Letters to the City Yet to Come Längd: 11:50 Årtal: 2018 Land: United States Regi: Gorav Kalyan Shot in the weeks following the deadly gang-rape of a young woman, "Letters to the City Yet to Come" provokes reflection on the past, present and future of New Delhi, India.
Joe lives alone Längd: 06:00 Årtal: 2018 Land: United States Regi: Daneeta L Jackson, Patrick Jackson Ninety-six year old Joe Okman shares his early memories.
Born in Vasherie, Louisiana, Joe grew up in abject poverty.
Node Längd: 19:59 Årtal: 2018 Land: Turkey Regi: Engin Poyraz Trailer This is the story of those who live on an island in the middle of a lake.
In the movie which tells that the life—even during childhood, youth and old age—does not change for this island and its residents, the time is depicted as a static phenomenon.
They dream about the things beyond the lake; these dreams are like meaningful journeys to them.
They think of being somewhere else, in other places, maybe in different lives; however, they are knotted onto that island from cradle to grave just as their boats they knot on the dock at the end of every workday.
Ocean Längd: 11:35 Årtal: 2018 Land: United States Regi: Stephanie Maxwell Sunlight on moving water and bottom sand presented as distinct variations and themes, interwoven with the musical score.
POOP ON POVERTY Längd: 06:00 Årtal: 2018 Land: South Africa Regi: Vijay S.
The film highlight a challenge faced by 2.
It is also a tribute to human ingenuity and sound environmental practice — turning animal waste into energy that reduces dependency on biomass and conserves natural resources.
Sea Women Http://jackpotallincasino.top/fun-games/fun-games-for-couples.html 22:39 Årtal: 2018 Land: Spain Regi: Marta Solano Trailer The story of women in the fishseries of Cantabria.
They had to provide support to fisher families.
The Disappeared Längd: 06:00 Årtal: 2018 Land: United Kingdom Regi: Michelle Coomber Last September 43 Mexican students went missing after being held in police custody.
We hear the voices of those who knew them best - their classmates and relatives.
The Wooden House Längd: 11:26 Årtal: 2018 Land: United Kingdom Regi: Hannah Gautrey A short documentary on Wesley West, a sculptor and model maker based in Cambridge.
Waiting for the t rain Längd: 24:59 Årtal: 2018 Land: France Regi: Simon Panay A small village lost in a dusty desert in Burkina's bush.
Food items and water bottles thrown by the passengers on the passing train constitutes the main income of the village, and the only source of water during dry season.
Vishneva, Belarus Soviet Union Poland Längd: 02:43 Årtal: Land: United States Regi: Jacob J.
Wrath : An Atlantis Faerytale Längd: 06:32 Årtal: 2018 Land: Portugal Regi: Aitken Pearson Wrath : An Atlantis Faerytale is a short film shot entirely on location on the island of Sao Miguel in the Azores, Portugal.
The events of the story are portrayed through a literal voice recounting the fairytale augmented with beautifully shot B Roll footage depicting the spendour and nature of the Azores, notably Sao Miguel.
A song we wrote Längd: 05:33 Årtal: 2018 Land: Belgien Regi: Dylan Marey A widow and her house are trying to find back happines trough music and memories Achiraka World Längd: 19:48 Årtal: 2018 Land: Japan Regi: Atsushi Mishima En forskare som jobbar i ett robotlabb är väldigt slarvig.
Hans arbetsplats är en väldig röra.
När han blir förälskad i en kvinna som besöker labbet bygger han en städrobot, men allt går inte enligt planerna.
All Beautiful Things Längd: 02:50 Årtal: 2018 Land: Israel Regi: Dafna Englander, Rafi Yaniger En ung kvinna kämpar mot översvämning i sitt hus.
Men sedan händer något märkligt.
Bonastra Längd: 05:57 Årtal: 2018 Land: Spanien Regi: Joan Martín Giménez Going through the desert of nowhere, the lonely traveler approaches the abyss of a civilization on the edge of nothing, finding on his path what he has been looking for.
Bubble Längd: 05:40 Årtal: 2018 Land: Singapore Regi: Lam Yee Shing, Quek Yu Lin, Poh Ya Ching A chance encounter of a girl and a cat in a small Southeast Asian village.
Build Up Anger Längd: 00:50 Årtal: 2018 Land: Not Specified Regi: Guy Shahaf, Nadav Faibish Han är omgiven av irriterande och högljudda grannar.
BUSKER Längd: 01:00 Årtal: 2018 Land: Storbritannien Regi: Trevor Hardy A little busker gets more from a stranger than money.
This lovely little stopmotion animation is from multi award winning animator, Trevor Hardy, Changeover Längd: 01:58 Årtal: 2018 Land: Iran Regi: Mehdi Alibeygi A Badminton shuttlecock has fallen in the corner of the pitch.
A tiny bird comes along and mistake the shuttlecock for his mate.
Chinese Soundtrack Längd: 04:14 Årtal: 2018 Land: Israel Regi: Sharon Miller Audo, who lives on his own planet, misses his lover Tera, which lives on a different planet.
Audo decides to build a rocket and go out on an interstellar journey to reunite with his one true love.
Cocodile Längd: 04:30 Årtal: 2018 Land: USA Regi: Wendi Wu HarrisWenting Wu Cocodile och hans komiska jakt på kärleken.
CODEY Längd: 05:00 Årtal: 2018 Land: Taiwan Regi: Trailer Have you ever thought about how wonderful it is when you live in the internet world?
Shuttling in the cloud at high speedgathering information immediately, talking to strangers anonymously, playing games anytime…etc.
However, does that really safe when we over-rely on internet?
Or the information is too transparent to let us have privacy?
Codey wakes up in the morning as usual.
He checks his E-mails, surfs Fakebook.
When this regular day almost ends, his watch send the warning.
Codey runs to his house, and start a race with the thief.
Can Codey take back his files in the end?
Da Vinci Project Längd: 05:20 Årtal: 2018 Land: Frankrike Regi: Alain Escalle Trailer En fantastisk visuell resa genom Renässansens värld.
Corruption, lawyers with no moral, and a femme fatale mixed together between reality and fiction.
Derek's Roses Längd: 00:53 Årtal: 2018 Land: Storbritannien Regi: Trevor Hardy What a beautiful night for sme star watching.
Lifes great when you are the perfect couple.
Die Liebe in den Zeiten Der EU Längd: 03:00 Årtal: 2018 Land: Tyskland Regi: Ebele Okoye Sometimes, we are like marionettes in the hands of those whom we have either consciously or unconsciously chosen to please.
Digital Native Längd: 05:28 Årtal: Land: Iran Regi: Mahboobeh Mohammadzaki This film is the story of a woman who upload a fetus.
Some conflict occurs between the woman, fetus and digital world around them.
Finally woman download the fetus … Drifting cloud Längd: 07:24 Årtal: Land: Japan Regi: Yuta Om ett moln som vandrar genom skyn, träffar på andra däruppe och får uppleva mycket annat.
FATHER Längd: 11:50 Årtal: 2018 Land: Argentina Regi: Santiago 'Bou' Grasso Trailer En gammal militär officer tas om hand varje dag av sin dotter.
Diktaturen har kommit till ända i Argentina, men inte i hennes liv.
Fox Tale Längd: 02:18 Årtal: 2018 Land: Sydkorea Regi: DOOSUN SHIN När Mr.
Bunnys svans, får till slut Mr.
Fox vad han förtjänar.
Fish Village Längd: 03:18 Årtal: 2018 Land: Singapore Regi: Ms Bak LipingMs Ang Wei Yun Trailer Kun finds himself unexpectedly walking towards a floating fishing village on a sea of clouds.
As the thick clouds starts to menacingly encroach on the bridge, there is no turning back.
Taking his first nervous steps on this dangerous journey, he takes a deep breathe and decides to make a quick dash to get to the other side.
In the distance stands the fabled Magnificent Grand Inn - a resting place for tired souls.
Entering the Inn, Kun discovers it to be deserted.
There, in the far corner is a table full of freshly-cooked food.
Having travelled so far, he greedily helps himself with the food.
A dark shadow passes the paper windows and momentarily distracts him.
He continues to gorge at a ravenous pace, until the shadow presents him with a steamed bun.
There in front of him stands a giant Koi carp.
Kun has just eaten his last meal and is about to start his journey to the afterlife.
Gans Längd: 01:06 Årtal: 2018 Land: Not Specified Regi: Guy Shahaf Animation inspirerad av M.
C Eschers konst och dess paradoxer.
Give and Break Längd: 04:45 Årtal: 2018 Land: Norge Regi: Nicolai Caspari Stigar A boy made out of porcelain meets a porcelain girl.
She has lost most of her porcelain surface.
They develop a relationship when he start giving her pieces of himself.
Golden Shot Längd: 08:40 Årtal: 2018 Land: Turkiet Regi: Gokalp Gonen Rusty machines living in their small houses, imagine that the sun will come and take them to the sky someday.
A small light, keeps them alive and dreaming.
But one of the machines wants to see the sun itself and he has a plan for that.
How To Get People To Like You Längd: 03:56 Årtal: 2018 Land: Tjeckien Regi: Alexandra Yakovleva Kort animation baserad på en populär artikel online kallad "How To Get People To Like You".
It's OK Längd: 01:00 Årtal: 2018 Land: Russian Federation Regi: Marat Narimanov This is a story of the beauty and how it can be influenced by the circumstances and by the other beings.
Jiri Längd: 01:32 Årtal: 2018 Land: Tysklan Regi: Alice Reily de Souza En nedstämd hund träffar på en entusiastisk hand.
Kidchup Längd: 02:24 Årtal: 2018 Land: Brasilien Regi: Carolina Giannini Veirano, Guilherme Ghussn Kidchup, snabbaste tomaten i vilda västern, måste rädda sin käraste, Rabaneide.
Knocked Down Längd: 02:45 Årtal: 2018 Land: Storbritannien Regi: Pepe Gomez En ung boxare och hans upplevelser i jakten på stormästartiteln.
Koyaa - Flower Längd: 03:30 Årtal: 2018 Land: Slovenien Regi: Kolja Saksida Trailer Koyaa, an optimistic young mountain fellow, lives on a rocky ledge above the clouds together with his trusty old friend, the Raven.
La Peinture Längd: 02:52 Årtal: 2018 Land: Singapore Regi: Chan Yin Fong, Huang Yaohui A visual music meditation about transcendence.
LIFE is just a FILE Längd: 00:60 Årtal: 2018 Land: Nepal Regi: Dikesh Khadgi Shahi With the birth in this world and first cry that made the beginning of the chapter.
Teens just started and high school over.
First job started, friends aparted, money in the mind and a hangover.
Happy married life, two kids side by side.
Turned 55 and job retired.
Nothing completely done, end to the life.
Nothing achieved, nothing done, enjoyment is not the fun.
Ego, greed, money, power, prestige, hate, love, beauty, sacrifice… and… life.
Remaining is just a file.
Lima Längd: 14:15 Årtal: 2018 Land: Iran Regi: Afshin Roshanbakht, Vahid Jafari Trailer Lima try to remember his lost father by repeating the old memories.
Mothers Days Längd: 03:24 Årtal: 2018 Land: Storbritannien Regi: Nat Urwin The time spent between mother and son at the Great British Seaside on her days out from the nursing home.
NODES Längd: 02:50 Årtal: 2018 Land: Ungern Regi: Péter Bóné Though in one's imagination there can be the memories of the past and the hopes of the future, one cannot forget about the fact that we can only make decisions in the present.
OVATION Längd: 03:30 Årtal: 2018 Land: USA Regi: Sofia Keqian Wang, JoAnn Kang Trailer A CG animated short about a disagreeable young boy goes to a mysterious magic show, but the magician forces him to experience real magic.
Prince Yoggle DRAGON SLAYER Längd: 01:00 Årtal: 2018 Land: Storbritannien Regi: Trevor Hardy Prince Yoggle wants to slay the Dragon, his dad, The King thinks he shouldn't, the wise old hermit thinks he should?
This is an hilarious short stop motion animation from multi award winning animator, Trevor Hardy.
Ratio Längd: 02:04 Årtal: 2018 Land: Turkey Regi: Murat Sayginer A sphere made of mirrors fuses with self-willed rocks to form a bust.
Red Line Längd: 08:14 Årtal: 2012 Land: Iran Regi: Mona Abdollahshahi A lizard and a turtle are the middle of a war of two unknown sides unwillingly.
Resilience Längd: 05:50 Årtal: 2018 Land: Storbritannien Regi: Bianca Howell Trailer "Resilience" recounts the tale of a young Mongolian girl's coming of age as she journeys up a mountain to find closure for something she's lost.
Route 52 Längd: 05:55 Årtal: 2018 Land: Singapore Regi: Jacinth Tan Yi Ting, Tok Xue Yi What happens when the journey of a whacky teen crosses paths with a tired hotdog tender ending his shift?
Catch the crazy encounter of the unlikely pair and brace for the unexpected!
SAI GON Längd: 04:30 Årtal: 2018 Land: Frankrike Regi: Oerd van Cuijlenborg Intryck från resor till Vietnam mellan 2007 och 2018, mest från Ho Chi Minh City Saigoni abstrakt form.
Sky High Längd: 01:54 Årtal: 2018 Land: Storbritannien Regi: Stewart Powers Trailer A whiteboard animation which follows the upwards adventure of a young boy Small Garden Längd: 12:22 Årtal: 2018 Land: Japan Regi: Shunsuke Psychadelic skies, strange plants and mysterious creatures.
Our hero wakes up in this magical world, gently becoming integrated into it.
The deeper he travels, the more he begins to understand the underlying purpose and he must decide if he should stop or return.
Take it Easy - Maria Längd: 01:08 Årtal: 2018 Land: Portugal Regi: Leonor Pacheco Maria väcks mitt i natten av högljudd folksamling.
The Street Artist Längd: 07:01 Årtal: 2018 Land: Jordanien Regi: Mahmoud Hindawi The Street Artist är en kort animerad film om en åldrande konstnär som trots sin stora talang är i behov av inspiration.
The Trumpet Längd: 09:12 Årtal: 2018 Land: Spanien Regi: Andrés Nieves In The Roaring Twenties, where debauchery, alcohol and jazz are at their peak, Jeffrey is a famous Jazz trumpeter having fun playing with Larry and Glen every night at New Orleans' clubs.
Everything is fine until one night when the worst thing that can happen to a musician occurs.
To see or not to see Längd: 03:58 Årtal: 2011 Land: Iran Regi: Majid Ahmady They want to execute a man but his last request is to see.
Transition Längd: 01:35 Årtal: 2018 Land: Spanien Regi: Marcos Andavert Emotional transition seen from within oneself WILDLIFE CROSSING!
Längd: 06:31 Årtal: 2018 Land: Tjeckien Regi: Noro Držiak, Anthony Wong TrailerMinut The story of a witty and dynamic narrative about love of two snails, which must overcome the pitfalls of the harsh reality that separates them - the road in the middle of the countryside.
Does he overcome his handicaps and proofs that true love never gives up?
Zodiac - Evolution Längd: 02:36 Årtal: 2018 Land: Turkiet Regi: Murat Sayginer En experimentell kortanimation om astrologi.
Den här kortfilmen berättar om hur Syrianska folkets liv slogs i spillror, och hur deras framtid togs ifrån dom.
The uprising movement in Syria was stolen by the extremiststhis short pixilation Filmtells how the Syrian people's lives turned to black, how their dreams were shattered, and how their future can no longer be thought of Deep Dance Längd: 00:54 Årtal: 2018 Land: Italien Regi: Marisa Cecchetti En harmonisk dans under ytan i Röda Havet.
A short dance into the Red Sea that permits harmonious movements of the body connected to the water like a dolphin.
The barber starts cutting the boys hair while watching a football game on TV.
A moment of fear Längd: 01:00 Årtal: 2018 Land: Argentina Regi: Raul VIdal The suggestion of a child facing the unknown, captured in an instant.
Be different Längd: 01:00 Årtal: 2018 Land: Tyskland Regi: Olya Rada Om vikten att vara sig själv och sticka ut från massan.
BEN Längd: 01:00 Årtal: 2012 Land: Tyskland Regi: Kuesti Fraun Om den dagliga jakten på att hinna med och inte hamna efter.
Big and Strong Längd: 01:00 Årtal: 2018 Land: USA Regi: Diego Frukosten är fun shot put games viktigaste mål, om man vill bli stor och stark.
Black Reality Längd: 00:53 Årtal: 2018 Land: Ukraina Regi: Roman Orlov, Oles Seredytskyi, Denys Kushnarov Ett musikaliskt nummer om Tjernobylkatastrofen.
Body of Knowledge Längd: 01:00 Årtal: 2018 Land: Taiwan Regi: YunTing Tsai Studenter i Asien och speciellt Taiwan är under enorm akademisk press.
Det intellektuella prioriteras före fysisk motion.
Damn Hipster Längd: 00:30 Årtal: 2018 Land: Spanien Regi: Mario Figueroa Två hipsters diskuterar hipsterfilm.
Double time Längd: 01:00 Årtal: Land: Regi: Kaihei HASE En kort film om tåg, inspirerad av Tanka och Haiku.
I YOU WE Längd: 01:00 Årtal: 2018 Land: Iran Regi: ALi ERFAN FARHADi Trailer Om hur gamla idéer lätt skickas vidare till nästa generation.
If It's Big Längd: 01:00 Årtal: 2018 Land: USA Regi: Kelly Phelan En mans liv och minnesvärda ögonblick.
In The Shadows Längd: 01:00 Årtal: 2018 Land: Frankrike Regi: Maxence Rapp En kvinna ensam i natten, på väg hem.
Är hon verkligen ensam?
JUST A MINUTE Längd: 01:00 Årtal: 2008 Land: Kanada Regi: ALLISON BEDA Om det vardagliga, dess skönhet och vikten av att stanna upp ibland.
Learn to communicate like dolphins.
Längd: 01:00 Årtal: 2018 Land: Ryssland Regi: Eduard Bobylev Först håller delfinerna avståndet, men gradvis etableras kontakt med dom.
Till slut tar nyfikenheten över och dom kommer närmare för att kommunicera.
Life Questions Längd: 01:00 Årtal: 2018 Land: Storbritannien Regi: Steven Corton En man funderar över livets stora frågor.
Missed call Längd: 01:00 Årtal: 2018 Land: Spanien Regi: Ignacio F.
Rodó, Klea Marković Alan och Mirjana, båda 80 år har ett långdistansförhållande via Internet.
Morning Routine Längd: 01:00 Årtal: 2018 Land: Sverige Regi: KAVEH AKABER Varje morgon går vi igenom samma rutiner.
Natural Love Längd: 01:08 Årtal: 2018 Land: Tyskland Regi: Kuesti Fraun Om träd och människor och deras behov.
One in a Million 1 min edit Längd: 01:00 Årtal: 2018 Land: Storbritannien Regi: Darren Langlands Ska Terry äntligen vinna på lotteriet?
Orange alert Längd: 01:00 Årtal: 2018 Land: Spanien Regi: Ignacio F.
Rodó En prickskytt väntar tålmodigt på rätt tillfälle.
Short Lives in a Large Room one minute version Längd: 01:00 Årtal: 2018 Land: Spanien Regi: Karlos Ira funderar kring människans behov av att utforska och lära sig om världen.
Status Change Längd: 01:00 Årtal: 2018 Land: USA Regi: Rajesh Naroth Om sociala media och dess baksidor.
The girl with the red balloons Längd: 01:00 Årtal: 2018 Land: Frankrike Regi: Nathalie Giraud, Timothée Corteggiani Trailer Vi lever kvar i andras minnen.
Håll dessa minnen vid liv.
Touching Feet Längd: 01:00 Årtal: Land: Belgien Regi: Yentl de Werdt Om utforskning, möten och samhörighet, och om rörelserna bakom.
Tuck me in Längd: 01:00 Årtal: 2018 Land: Spanien Regi: Ignacio F.
Rodó Sängdags för Alex, och som varje natt bäddas han om av sin pappa.
WATER CYCLE one minute Längd: 01:00 Årtal: 2018 Land: Slovenien Regi: Ciril Mlinar Cic Tillgången till rent dricksvatten är ett stort problem.
Med en växande befolkning och nedsmutsning av vattnet är en ohållbar utveckling.
We feel Längd: 01:00 Årtal: 2018 Land: Frankrike Regi: Olivier Lallart, Jimmy Hautecloche Miljoner SMS skickas varje dag.
Men hur går det egentligen till?
Copyright © All Rights Reserved Mediagruppen och ART BOX Sweden 2018.
Adress: Munkgatan 7, 722 12 Västerås, e-mail: info vasterasfilmfestival.

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